Greencastle Donegal Boat Tours Adventure

Stroove Lighthouse: Lighting the mouth of the Foyle

Strove Lighthouse is located on a beautiful blue flag beach where Lough Foyle meets the wild Atlantic in north co. Donegal. This shipping lane has been used for hundreds of years by ships carrying Irish emigrants to America and Australia. This rugged coastline at the mouth of the Foyle River has also claimed hundreds of shipwrecks. To help prevent further wrecks two lighthouses were built at Dungaree Point in Shrove. The lamps were originally oil-powered but in 1961 they were replaced by electricity.  The new light was able to create an arc of 180 degrees. The lighthouse was originally manned by three keepers but with the advent of modern technology, the light became automatically controlled and now only one caretaker remains in the attached quarters.


With the North Atlantic on the door step of lough Foyle their are variety of wildlife to showcase from hundreds of seals to our schools of Dolphins and if our passengers are lucky enough they may even spot some of the baskin sharks off the Donegal coastline.

Kinnego Bay: Spanish Armada shipwreck

Kinnagoe Bay’s small stretch of sandy beach is enclosed by a steeply sloping hillside, which gives it a unique privacy and sense of undiscovered beauty. The wreck of a Spanish Armada ship, La Trinidad Valencera, was discovered in the bay in 1971. The sinking of this ship, on 16 September 1588, is memorialised by a plaque in the area. On our sea safari tour we can give you the unique experience and bring you over the exact spot in which the shipwreck lay.

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